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BP Solar
General info
Company name BP Solar
Company type Manufacturer - PV modules
Sector Solar Energy
HQ Germany  Flag  Germany
HQ Address Max-Born-Str. 2 22761 Hamburg
Telephone +49
Website http://www.bpsolar.de
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Company Overview
BP Solar, part of BP Alternative Energy, is a global company. BP Solar designs, manufactures and markets products which use the sun`s energy to generate electricity for use in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. With over 35 years of experience and installations in most countries, BP Solar is one of the world`s leading solar energy companies.

BP Solar, a subsidiary of UK oil giant BP, designs, manufactures, supplies, and in..
Selected projects
KothenProject nameKothen
CountryGermany  Flag Germany
SectorSolar Energy 
Project size (MWp)45 
Project StatusProject Commissioned 

Madridejos, Spain, 8MWProject nameMadridejos, Spain, 8MW
CountrySpain  Flag Spain
SectorSolar Energy 
Project size (MWp)8 
Project StatusProject Commissioned 

Brindisi, Italy, 7.9MWProject nameBrindisi, Italy, 7.9MW
CountryItaly  Flag Italy
SectorSolar Energy 
Project size (MWp)7.9 
Project StatusProject Commissioned 

Arico, Spain, 6.3MWProject nameArico, Spain, 6.3MW
CountrySpain  Flag Spain
SectorSolar Energy 
Project size (MWp)6.3 
Project StatusProject Commissioned 

Additional geographic markets
HQ Germany  Flag  Germany
Management & Personal Accounts
Name Position Country
Reyad Fezzani CEOUSA Flag USA
K. Subramanya CEO, BP Solar IndiaUSA Flag USA
Jerry McKinney Chief Financial OfficerUSA Flag USA
Bill Poulin Director Commercial ProductsUSA Flag USA
Christopher LaMothe Director Global Quality, Reliability, and Product EngineeringUSA Flag USA
Forrest Hoffman Information Technology DirectorUSA Flag USA
Florian Berghausen Manager Global Offer InnovationUSA Flag USA
Matthijs Bruijnse Managing Director GermanyUSA Flag USA
Byran Conklin Marketing ManagerUSA Flag USA
Pete Resler Media ContactUSA Flag USA
Forrest Kaufmann No Information Technology Director Applications ManagerUSA Flag USA
Rayad Fezzani President & Chief Executive OfficerUSA Flag USA
Jörn-Bo Hein Sales Manager, Northern EuropeUSA Flag USA
Mark Kerstens Vice President-MarketingUSA Flag USA
Eric Daniels Vice President-TechnologyUSA Flag USA
Deb Witmer VP Communications and External AffairsUSA Flag USA
Michael Petrucci VP Global OperationsUSA Flag USA
Mark Kerstens VP Global Sales and MarketingUSA Flag USA
Eric Daniels VP Global TechnologyUSA Flag USA
Richard Bartlett VP Strategic CooperationUSA Flag USA
Ownership Structure & Holdings
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