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Solar Energy - Amareleja, Portugal, 46 MW

General Info
Sector Solar Energy
Type Ground
Country Portugal  Flag Portugal
Region Alentejo
Project size (MW) 46
Project Status Project Commissioned
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Short Description
46 MW plant, located in Amareleja (Moura, Portugal). The 250-hectare plant has 2,520 solar trackers supporting 262,080 photovoltaic modules.
Each tracker has a surface of 142 m2 and supports 104 polycrystalline silicon modules.

Developed by ACCIONA Energy that invested around 261 million euro in the 46 MWp plant, one of the largest of its kind in the world. Amareleja is capable of producing 93 million KW/h a year―equivalent to the electrical consumption of over 30,000 households.

The Amareleja PV plant is owned by ACCIONA and Mitsubishi Corp.

The project was connected to the grid in
Connected Companies
Developer Acciona Energia
Debt financing NA
EPC Acciona Energia
Primary equipment vendor Yingli Solar
Operator NA
Other NA
Name Type File
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